Monday, July 25, 2016

24 Hour Lover Man lyrics - Foxygen

Straight from the space age
havin a cocaine habit
sup bitchboy the backstabber fucked my shit up
put to bed the notion that i give a fuck
I'm David Bowie
maniacal, exxon to mobile
fucked up in Calabases fucked up in Barnes and Noble, boi
Heard your man can't last too long
drinks three beers and falls asleep before you cum
fuck it
I'm on some post-Ezra Koenig fuckin North Face bullshit boyfriend
24 hour lover man baby

Likes boys but he's not gay,
cuz they're just toys for which to play with
your favorite was some girl in Beverly Hills who's famous
Famous, famous, everyone's famous
everyone's famous in this section of Hell
Move on, get off, cerulean military jackets from Saint Laurent
millions of dollars, billions of dollars,
I don't need em, I don't give a fuck cuz I'm your 24 hour lover man baby

World War 3 looters
Fuck freddy Krueger
Drake's nice but he ain't got rhymes like I fucked Freddy Kreuger's eyeballs while listening to Black Dice on ecstasy
I ain't sexist I just wanna tap that
They don't even know me and they hate me
Like some fucked up Burger Records kid down in OC
music sweet music, from my fingers
24 hour 24 hour 24 hour lover man baby